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Three Historical Videos

Note: The following article was written by Don Mahon sometime in 2009

It was 22 years ago this year that Perkin-Elmer observed the 50th anniversary of its founding with celebrations at major company facilities around the world.

There were two special projects developed for the bicentennial that are lasting tributes to a great American institution called The Perkin-Elmer Corporation.

One endeavor to commemorate the milestone anniversary was a book on those first 50 years that was researched and authored in retirement by the late Tom Fahy, a long-time member of P-E operations and Corporate management. The book’s title is Richard S. Perkin and The Perkin-Elmer Corporation.

The second major project involved more than two dozen of the company’ top technical minds, members of senior management, a large contingent of long-service employees, and Gladys Perkin. Most gathered in a video studio in Danbury, Connecticut. Groups were divided up by product and technology disciplines. On stage with the cameras rolling, they engaged in informal discussions on the evolution of the instrument industry, advances in optical technology, the advent of the computer and how it applied to the company’s products, and other related subjects. A group of old timers took us back to the 1940s and life in the Glenbrook, Connecticut facility in the suburbs of Stamford. Another segment revealed how World War II changed the character of the company by those who were there and spurred its tremendous growth through the next four decades.

After all the videos were shot and tape collected from several who were out-of-state, a master was edited in the video studio at the Optical Group's Danbury facility. Editing was directed and the voice-over narration made by a former NBC-TV network executive and Washington, DC news anchor, the late Ken Alvord. Perkin-Elmer people involved with the project were Ann Minton, Peter Green, Jim Wilson, Ernie Liberatore, Ray Haithwaite, Joe Fiorelli, and Don Mahon.

Never again will we be able to collect these phenomenal and talented individuals to share their stories with us. In a sense, the video is a living memorial to many who participated and are no longer with us.

We believe that it is well worth your viewing time. Through the good work of our Retiree Club webmaster, George Dornes, the edited video in DVD form is now available for viewing. The videos have been linked to the GOOGLE AND VEOH web sites to make it faster for your viewing and reduce your wait to see the videos. Just click on the pictures. — by Don Mahon.

[Note, the reference to Google is in regard to three other videos which no longer exist there. As of 9/22/2013 this website is using to host and display our videos.] - Steve Whiting