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The Retiree Club

An organization of retirees and other former employees of The Perkin-Elmer Corporation
The Retiree Club, P.O. Box 108, Norwalk, CT 06852-0108


We welcome your comments about the club, and about our activities.
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The Retiree Club
P.O. Box 108
Norwalk, CT 06852-0108

Retiree Club Officers and Directors Elected for 2018


President- Alex Nosevich
Vice President- Bill Amundsen
Treasurer- Mary Ellen Dunbar
Secretary- Dick Paltauf

Directors for 2018

Tony Borrello
John Bossung
Mary Ellen Dunbar
Joel Askinazi
Bud Mortensen


Tony Borrello

Newsletter Co-Editors

Tony Borrello
Joel Askinazi
Don Mahon

Web Master

Dan Cruson

Web Director

Alex Nosevich

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