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The Retiree Club

An organization of retirees and other former employees of The Perkin-Elmer Corporation
The Retiree Club, P.O. Box 108, Norwalk, CT 06852-0108

Who Are We?

We are The Retiree Club.

We are a pro-active social organization with about 700 members, domestic and worldwide, who are either retirees or former employees of The Perkin-Elmer Corporation.

We were founded in 1991 as an independent organization, thus our name: The Retiree Club. Despite what our name may imply, you need not have retired from Perkin Elmer; only to have worked there at any time.

Our Club evolved out of a luncheon discussion led by the late Tom Fahy, a long-time company executive. Tom Kennedy, Don Mahon, Bill Morlock, Sal Testa, the late Tony Sacco and Jim Dunn made up the founding committee with Tom Fahy's leadership. Tom, and Don are still active members.

A Board of Directors staffed with four officers and six directors govern the organization. Members volunteer to chair frequent events and activities during the year. Most are funded on a break-even basis.

The Connecticut unit is by far the largest and most active, as one would expect. Other active units are in Central and Southwest Florida, and in Southern California. These units hold annual luncheons that are well-attended.

The Connecticut unit has sponsored four annual events since 1991: The Fall, Spring and Holiday luncheons as well as the Jim Dunn Memorial Golf outing.

Annual dues are a modest $10.00. This is made possible by volunteer member participation in all areas of Club activities, as well as the preparation, production and mailing of our quarterly newsletter, Retiree Club News. Through the generosity of Keno Graphic Services, Inc., founded by our own Tom Kennedy, our newsletter has been printed at no cost to us since our founding.

Our quarterly newsletter features stories about our events and activities, with considerable space devoted to letters from our members. In addition, an e-mail directory of over 400 members is maintained and published annually, as well as additions and changes in each issue.

New members are always welcome. And we encourage all of our members to help us grow by recruiting other retirees and former employees. With the unfortunate demise of Perkin-Elmer as we knew it, we can no longer draw from those retiring or leaving the company.

We need everyone's help to keep our Club pro-active and viable.

Club President- Alex Nosevich