California Alumni Group Meets for Happy Hour Get-Together

Most of you have read about the annual Perkin-Elmer Retiree/Old Timers Luncheons we've been having in Claremont, California, every May for the last 21 straight years. We did not have a luncheon in 2014 and, following the death of Art Cummings, it is unlikely that this group will be continuing into the future.
For the last 14 years, however, there has been another California group meeting at least once a year in Orange County, California, made up not so much of retirees, but Alumni from various former Perkin-Elmer divisions and their successors (which includes many P-E retirees). In the last four years the group has been expanded to include alumni of other precision optical companies as well. The group started with alumni from the former Perkin-Elmer Applied Optics/OCA/Corning OCA group, which still comprises the core of the participants.
On September 23, 2014, our Optics Alumni Happy Hour was held at the Citrus Café in Tustin, CA, with an attendance of 23 former employees/alumni. We meet in a very social environment and share a lot of stories and memories. The mix of people changes with almost every get-together, but the core is basically consistent. The group usually meets on the 4th Tuesday of September and invitations are sent out by e-mail. If anyone is interested in attending future get-togethers, please contact Sharon Canfield at to be placed on the e-mail list.

--- Sharon Canfield

Attendees on September 23: Back Row: Bill DeBoynton, Gene Dempsey, Steve Hoskins, Danny Wittkamm, Dave Fengler, Mike Pappas, Eric Curtis, Yoshi Adachi, Jerry Brunache. Middle Row (from left): Marilyn DeBoynton, Patty DeBoynton, Lynn Sullivan, Harry Bird, Rita Brown, Dave Newman. Front Row: Jim Bonaparte, Steve Maedel, Joe Sherrier, Sharon Canfield, Sadie Newman, Joy Dempsey, George Hirst.