Hubble Telescope

The Retiree Club

An organization of retirees and other former employees of The Perkin-Elmer Corporation
The Retiree Club, P.O. Box 108, Norwalk, CT 06852-0108

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We are a group of former Perkin-Elmer employees who shared in some astounding technical achievements that are still amazing even today.

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Can you name the first American company to design and produce precision optics?

Name the company that created the analytical instrument industry and was the world leader?

What company established itself as a world leader in semiconductor equipment manufacturing and automating analytical instruments with computers?

Name the company whose lasting legacy is the Hubble Space Telescope with 22 years in space and the enormous achievement of the HEXAGON spy satellite program to the Cold War?

Answer: The Perkin-Elmer Corporation.

Even though the existence of Perkin-Elmer ended officially on May 28, 1999 when the last of its five business units was sold, the company achieved frequent headlines during its 62 year history.

Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Telescope

Hexagon Spy Satellite

the Hexagon Spy Satellite